How Cloud4Wi's
Enterprise WiFi platform works


Discover how Cloud4Wi can help you take Enterprise WiFi to the next level

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Offer a seamless and secure WiFi access, and unleash innovative on-site experiences


Cloud4Wi delivers a cloud WiFi solution that enables enterprises to offer a seamless and secure WiFi access, while enhancing user experience and driving business outcomes – without any additional workload for IT staff.

In this data sheet, you will learn more about the technical specifications:

  • Full customization of WiFi services
  • Secure network access with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint
  • Global seamless WiFi access with WBA OpenRoaming
  • Proactive monitoring through analytics, dashboards and logs
  • Easy integration into existing operations workflows
  • Compliance with data protection regulations and specific company's needs on a global scale
  • WiFi marketing (add-on)
  • WiFi analytics (add-on)
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