How PerDormire manages the crisis with a data-driven approach


Leading Through COVID-19 Disruption

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How can technology help businesses and organizations manage the crisis at COVID-19 time?

This crucial question has been top of mind ever since the coronavirus spread from China throughout Europe and escalated specifically in Italy to the US. With the lockdown affecting nearly all kinds of retail stores all over the globe, we’ve witnessed firsthand — through our clients across various verticals and spread over 120 countries — how being data-driven can be a game-changer.

During the fireside chat, “How PerDormire manages the crisis with a data-driven approach”, Mauro Aprile Zanetti, Cloud4Wi’s Chief Evangelist and Paolo Luchi, Sales and Marketing Director at PerDormire, discussed how a brand such as PerDormire stayed on top of the COVID-19 crisis since day one using a data-driven approach.

Acting on Cloud4Wi’s location-based customer insights, PerDormire has been able to:

  • Schedule a geo-localized timeline for a strategic lockdown
  • Quickly switch to a different marketing and communication strategy
  • Promptly reassess the situation for its upcoming re-opening according to all new protocols
  • Create a new data-driven omnichannel shopping experience.


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