WiFi on-the-go: MVTA Success Story


Find out how the Minnestory Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) keeps commuters happy by offering free guest WiFi

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Get inspired by Minnestory Valley Transit Authority (MVTA)

The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) is a public transportation agency that provides public bus services for suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The MVTA chose to use Volare to roll out passenger WiFi to fleet of over 160 buses, keeping commuters riding happy.

In this success story, you will learn how Cloud4Wi helps the MVTA:

  • Offer free WiFi with fast and easy login
  • Collect information about passengers (70,000 traveler profiles collected)
  • Monitor the WiFi usage (133MB per traveler)
  • Easily manage passenger WiFi services across all 160 buses.


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