The first step in the digital transformation journey: PerDormire Success Story


Learn how PerDormire turns one-time store visitors into brand ambassadors thanks to in-store WiFi

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PerDormire specializes in the artisanal production and distribution of mattresses and beds that are 100% made in Italy. With over 120 stores across the Italian territory, PerDormire operates through two main wholesale and retail business units. PerDormire knew that it needed to go through a digital transformation to stay competitive, and it had identified Cloud4Wi as the best solution for the brand’s needs.

In this success story, you will learn how Cloud4Wi helps PerDormire:

  • Collect 1,400 customer profiles in just 3 months (81% opt-in rate) 
  • Create comprehensive, 360-degree views of customers that included online and offline data
  • Provide personal shopping experiences, and get 82% email open rate and 53% coupon redemption rate
  • Transform in-store visitors from unknown to known customers and turn them into brand ambassadors.


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