How to offer WiFi services with the highest security standards and exceptional user experience


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In an increasingly connected world, the need for reliable internet access has become essential to everyday life. Whether it's shopping online or working in a hybrid-work environment, WiFi is often the only option when cellular networks are unavailable - whether that be due to no coverage area at all or data plan restrictions abroad.


Traditional authentication methods –based on captive portals– come with a range of restrictions that impede security and user experience needs: security vulnerabilities; incompatibility with some devices or operating systems; subpar reliability due to technical issues or downtime; and more. It's no wonder sleepless nights are common for IT staff.


That’s where Cloud4Wi comes in. Cloud4Wi Passpoint (aka Hotspot 2.0) solution works seamlessly on top of existing WiFi networks, enabling organizations to offer secure and seamless WiFi services across all their locations, while unleashing location aware experiences – without any additional workload for IT staff.


Watch our webinar and learn:

  • What is Passpoint and why it is becoming the new gold standard
  • Benefits of Passpoint to enterprises and users
  • Benefits of Passpoint to IT network managers
  • How to implement Passpoint with Cloud4Wi in just a few steps
  • How a leading US retailer has successfully embraced Passpoint
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